1. Karaoke
    Come sing you heart out we have western, jpop and anime theme songs.
  2. Trivia
    Come show your extensive knowledge of anime in our annual Jeopardy style trivia game. Prizes are awarded to the winning team.
  3. Speed Drawing
    Come out and show your skills with our speed drawing competition. Artists are given 10 minutes to draw their own original character in the chosen category. The category is chosen out of a hat at the beginning of the competition and a winner is chose by popular votes.
  4. Smash Bro's
    Compete in Smash Bro's tournament.
  5. Panels
    We have some great panels lined up this year.
  6. Cosplay Contest
    This year we have have cosplay categories to compete in. Crafted, Store bought, Childrens, Original character, and Group. cosplays.